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Thread Topic: Imp points to rem.. while buying billing software
Topic Originator: Jane
Post Date May 3, 2007 @ 11:08 AM
Imp points to rem.. while buying billing software

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Hello all,

Which is the best software availble for medical billing and what points.. need to looked on to .. before purchasing the software.


Steve Verno
May 3, 2007 @ 1:26 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Sadly, there is no one software that can be recommended because there are so many out there.  You have Medical Manager, Centricity, Lytec, Medicode, and many more.

Each one has their good points and bad points.  Some are easy to use, some are very complicated.  Some are expensive and some are not.  The most lease expensive can run you about $1,000.  Some can go as high as $250,000.  Some can be used for some specialies and others cannot.  Some are designed for a small physician practice only. Some have limitations to how many providers you can add to a practice.  Some require you to buy add on modules.  Some demand you pay extra if you add another practice.

You need to choose the software to fit your needs.  Fancy sceens do not make a workable software.  You need software where you don't need modules or add ons.  You need software that can import and export data to a file such as ascii.  You need software where you can add providers and practices.  You need software to create standard reports for you and the provider such as aging reports, reports for select carriers, payment reports, etc.  You also need to have the ability to create your own reports.  You need to be able to enter data manually or via import.  You need to have the ability to write off mass accounts to a debt collection agency and send a file of those accounts.  You need to be able to post payments, delete payments or adjust payments easily.  You need to be able to do a close day and close month.  You need to be able to post notes, scan EOBs and other documents, and make easy changes when you get a mail return.  You need to be able to have the software print to a printer that you buy.  You need to be able to set up security measures to discourage hackers but to be able to allow you to log in remotely if you want to work when away.  You need to have the software current with HIPAA requirements such as the NPI.  Last, you need to have excellent support when you have trouble.

Understand that sales people are worse than used car salesmen or aluminum siding sale people.  They will tell you anything to sell you the software.  Check out the company with the BBB and the State Division of Corporations and Consumer Protection agency.  Get a list of local users and make an appointment to visit them and see how the software really works and get their opinions. Dont just call a number given to you because those could be shells placed to give you excellent recommendations.  Make sure you have a way to get your money back within a set time if you are not satisfied.  Make sure the seller or vendor doesn't sell the software from his trunk and he doesn't live in a van down by the river.

Im sure I forgot something and someone will come along and add to what I posted.  Good luck.

May 4, 2007 @ 6:09 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Hello steve,

Thanks for your valuable inputs. Its great info to start off my search. Thanks once again.


Jamie Zayach
June 12, 2007 @ 8:21 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

As you search for a new software solution for your office, I hope you will consider the advantages of AdvancedMD's Web-based Practice Management and EMR software solution and compare the value, robust features and ease of use to that of any server-based (software out of a box) system.  

In an effort to assist you in seeing the value of AdvancedMD, and to help you find the best solution for your office, I have compiled the following list of questions that you may want to ask yourself BEFORE you make your next software purchase decision.

These questions are intended to generate questions and help you to realize some of the costs, both fixed and hidden, that any software purchase may include, especially if you purchase a server-based software.  This list is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, but rather a list of those issues that you may want to consider when determining what kind of features you will want or require and just how much a system will ACTUALLY cost you.  I have tried to categorized the questions to some extent, so that groups of questions flow well together.

What will a dedicated server cost you?

How often will you have to upgrade your dedicated server?

Will you require an IT person to come in and load software and hardwire your network?

What does the software cost?

Are all future upgrades and enhancements included at no additional cost?

Will you receive free, unlimited support for life?

If not, what will the cost of support be?

How often will you have to upgrade your software?

Will they provide support to you if the software is outdated?

Will you own your own data?

What will it cost you to take your data with you should you decide to leave, and purchase new software?

Can the software import existing data from your current system?

Will they do daily data backups for you, every 15 minutes throughout the day?

Will your software be 100% HIPAA compliant?

Will your patients protected health information be safe and secure in a LOCKED facility off-site from the office?

Who will be responsible for securing and protecting your patient's private health information?

If you have a catastrophe in your office, such as a theft, fire, flood or other unforeseen act of God, will your vital information, that's critical to your business operation, be safe and secure 24/7 through any internet connection?

When you need help or support from your software vendor, will they have competent staff available to answer you questions quickly and professionally?

Will you receive answers to your questions within a minute or two when you need help or support from the company?

If you do have to pay for support, what will the cost of the support be?

Will you have to sign a long-term service or support agreement?

What will your hardware costs be?

Will the new software require you to purchase new hardware, and if so, what will you be required to purchase?

Will IT professionals need to be employed to install and maintain your system?

What will the cost of the IT professional be?

Will there be any cost for training?  if so, how much will it cost and how much training will you get?

Will the software be easy to learn to use?

Will your software be a single-database solution?

Will training be done on a schedule that is convenient for your office staff?

Will training be done in a non-intrusive manner, so that your business day is not interrupted?

Will the software have all of the features that you need and want for your particular practice?

Will there be time-saving and cost-cutting features built into the software?

Will your staff find the software easy to use and learn?

What is your current claim rejection and/or denial rate (for those of you with existing practices)?

Would you like to have no more than 5% denials or rejections, guaranteed?

Would you like to get paid quicker and improve your office's cash flow?

Would you like to have top-of-the-line claim scrubbers working to keep your claims clean, the first time?

Would you like to have a greater income and profit for your practice?

Will training be done live, online and in 1-2 hour blocks of time, leaving your staff to continue working throughout the day?

Will you receive free training on new software features when your software vendor upgrades the software?

Will you want a system that's easy for your billers to learn how to use?

Will your software be intuitive and make it easy to learn and use on a daily basis?

Will your practice information be available to you 24/7 from any internet-based location?

Will you have to pay for a license for each user?

Will you have to pay for a license for each workstation?

Will you have to pay to have your data continuously backed up?

Will you have to do daily backups of data, and be responsible for protecting that data in HIPAA-compliant storage locations?

Who will be responsible for backing up your data daily?

Where will you store that information?

How will you ensure your patient's privacy with regard to their data?

How will you know if someone has had access to your patients private health information?

Will you be able to dictate what "level" of access each user has in the system?

Will you be able to restrict access to certain areas of your software, ie: not allowing your scheduler to have access to your billing or claims?

Who will be responsible for testing your data, to make sure that your backups are valid?

Will you be able to write-off the cost of the software on your taxes as "services and supports necessary to do business"?

Will the product depreciate over time?

What happens when the current version is no longer supported?

What will service and supports cost you?

Are all of your clearinghouse charges for your electronic claims submissions included in the cost?

Are there additional charges for claims submissions?  If so, how much?

What are the denial/rejection rates of claims with their software?

Will you be able to oversee the claims process BEFORE claims go to payors and will you be able to see where your errors are BEFORE the claims get rejected or denied?

Will you have UNLIMITED support to help you make sure you stop getting rejections and denials?

Is the software scalable? (able to add more users without extreme costs?)

Will your billing staff find it easy to see which payments go with each set of charges?

Do you know that a rejected or denied claim costs your office an average of $40 in staff time and delays?

Does the software automatically post your EOB payments for you in the patient record?  (some offices can spend hours a day performing just this one task)

Will you have to pay someone to post EOB payments for you?

How long will it take to post payments off of the EOB from carriers who pay claims electronically?

How much will you pay your staff per hour to perform this task?

How much would you save if your software posted all of your EOB payments for you, for those carriers that pay claims electronically?

Can you track all of your appointment confirmations with the click of a mouse?

Can your system keep track of your wait list and easily block or hold times for wait list patients?

Would you like to be able to get rid of sticky notes around your computer for those waiting for an early appt?

Can your system automatically track what day and time a confirmation took place, who did the confirmation, and the method of confirmation?

Can you see if an appointment was confirmed prior to the visit?

Can recall information be sent to the front desk without you having to leave the room and walk the patient to the front desk?

Will it be easy to find and schedule appointments?

Does the software allow for color-coding of appointments?

Will you be able to see multiple-provider appointments at one time?

Will you be able to quickly see all info on patient on one sheet, saving you time?

Will you be able to schedule new patients directly from the scheduler?

Can you see your daily, weekly and monthly schedules at a glance?

Can you schedule new patients directly from the scheduler, or do you have to go to a separate area to schedule your patient?

Can you edit, delete or change an appointment with just one mouse click?

Can you locate available appointments with just one click of the mouse, and in just one second?

Will your software allow for double booking up to 9 appointments per time slot?

Will your software be able to have multiple locations and multiple providers in one location?

Can you collect your co-pay right from your scheduler?

Can you maintain a record and run reports on no-shows and cancellations?

Can you run reports and produce your appointment reminder cards with your current software?

Can your scheduler adapt to flexible schedules for all providers within your practice?

Is it easy to block and hold times?

Is it easy to create appointment types and tie them back to a specific length of time and color of your choosing?

Would you like to have the ability to add standing instructions right into your patient appointments from the scheduler with just one click of the mouse?

Would you like to be able to schedule out a treatment modality, piece of equipment or treatment room?

Can you mark someone as a cancellation or no-show right from the scheduler?

If a patient cancels an appointment, will it maintain a record of that?

Can your scheduler be set up with individual start and end times, as well as time increments?

Does the software automatically keep track of active AND inactive payors, and know intuitively which carrier to bill based upon the effective dates of the policy, or do you have to do an investigation to get this information?0

Does the billing track both patient and responsible party balances for billing purposes?

Can you track your practice's productivity?

Can you track productivity by referring source?

Can you track marketing efforts and see reports on productivity based on referring sources?

Can you track your A/R by referring provider?

Can you see reports about your office's outstanding A/R

Will it be easy for you to see what staff is doing to track outstanding A/R?

Will you have a way to monitor staff access to the system, which HIPAA requires?

Will staff be able to access only those levels of the software that you designate?

Will your staff be able to work from home, should they have a sick child, through their high-speed internet connection in their homes?

Will you be able to view your vital business information day or night from any internet connection?

Will the software allow you to do your charting and dictation from your home?

Will the system allow you to eliminate transcription tapes and having to take time to deliver them or pay to have them picked up by your transcriptionist?

Will you have your transcription instantaneously available to your transcriptions online in data voicefiles?

Will the software allow you to be able to scan X-rays and other vital reports and view them from the comfort of your home, or while out of the office?

Will you be able to view your patient's medical history and chart anytime, day or night?

Will the system provide you with more comprehensive patient health records?

Will the software provide you with a paperless solution for your office?

Will it help you to reduce the amount of paperwork you have to do?

Will the solution help to cut down on the time it takes to do your charting and dictation?

Will the software offer you a workflow-driven EMR available online 24/7, so that you are free to do your charge entry and charting from the comfort of your home?

Will software release you from having to be tied to specific computers in your office, so that you can do your work anywhere, anytime?

Can you track A/R by responsible party?

Will the system automatically post write-offs?

Can you create episodes that will help to differentiate between Workers compensation claims from standard health claims?

Can you easily track information on responsible for payment of workers comp claims?

Will the software reduce mistakes in accounting and reporting?

Can you print out recall labels or appointment cards quickly?

Can you print out a chart pull for each day quickly?

Can you have customizable superbills for various appointment types?

Will all of the updated CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS codes be included in your software?

Will you be able to alter information on a claim before it reaches the carrier?

Will it have 4 levels of claims review and scrubbing before it goes to the payors?

Will it help you to keep your rejected and denied claims down to an average 3%-5% level?

Will you receive unlimited support from them when you are having trouble processing claims?

Will you have the ability to track inventory?

Will you have the ability to produce full-featured reports on production, A/R, revenue, etc?

Will the system interface with MS Word, Access, Excel and other Windows-based programs?

Will you be able to see billing trends?

Will you be able to set up payment plans for your patients quickly?

Will you be able to track your outstanding A/R easily?

Will you be able to scan photos and attach them to the patient records?

Will you be able to scan, and have online at all times, your patient's insurance cards?

Will you be able to scan, and have online at all times, referrals from other physicians?

Will you be able to scan, and have online at all times, post-op notes?

Will you be able to scan, and have online at all times, reports?

Will the software be able to print, fold, stuff, stamp and send your patient statements for you, with a return envelope, for $.10 over the cost of the stamp? (total cost of $.49 including the stamp)

Can you get paper claims generated for you by the clearinghouse for only $.11 over the cost of the stamp?

Can your software vendor offer online e-eligibility?

Can you submit electronic claims to any carrier who accepts them?

Can your software company provide you with customized reports, specific to your practice's needs?

Can you produce reports about missed visits?

Would you like to be able to export all of your reports into Excel?

Will your system make it easy to collect co-pays both before or after the visit?

Is it easy to enter and edit patient demographic information?

Would you like to have patient notes and memos available every time you bring up information on your patients?

Would you like to be able to assign tasks to staff in your office, from the comfort of your home, while at the hospital or while you're on vacation in Mexico?

Would you like to be able to track inbound referrals, the number of visits authorized, the number of visits used?

Would you like to have the ability to assign tasks to others and track their progress, all from an online solution?

Would you like to see your daily schedule of patient visits and know at a glance whether that patient still requires dictation or charges to be entered into the system?

Would you like to see a history of recent patient visits quickly?

Would you like to capture charges at the point of care with a tablet PC?

Would you like to "point and click" your charges into the system?

Would you like to have the choice to type, dictate or write your progress notes on a tablet PC or PC workstation?

Would you like to be able to print a charge slip directly from the scheduler?

Will appointments be easy to schedule, move, reschedule, copy or delete?

Would you like a record of how many times a patient has cancelled, moved or been a no-show for all appointments?

Would you like to have less time devoted to writing patient histories by having them completed BEFORE the patient comes into the office?

Would you like to have the ability to have your patient fill out health histories online, before they come into the office?

Will your software increase your headaches and concerns, or will it take away your worries and leave you knowing that your information that's critical to your practice is safe and secure, 24/7, from anywhere in the world?

Will spending more time with your family, or having time to live your life outside of your office, be an important part of your decision-making process?  

Would you like increased freedom in your life?

How much is your free time worth to you?

Will you be a slave to your software, or will you be released from worries and software headaches?

After reading and considering the items I've included on this list, I hope you'll allow me to provide you with the opportunity to show you how our Web-based software can be a sound investment for your business, and help you to avoid a costly mistake in your purchase decision.  This is one of the most important purchase decisions you'll ever face for your practice.  Please consider your options carefully before making your choice.  Imagine doing your work from the comfort of your home, with your family and children around you.  Think about not having to go to the office to see your scheduling, claims, A/R, charting, SOAP notes, dictation, etc....


Obviously, I'm leading you down a path, as our software offers ALL of these things, and more.  If you'd like to discuss any of this information, or schedule a time to see a live, online, demonstration of our web-based software solution, please call me anytime at the number listed below.

Jamie M. Zayach
National Sales Executive
AdvancedMD Software
1-800-825-0224 x 9634

June 24, 2007 @ 1:02 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

again, this post is ridiculously long.  consider cutting it down a bit.  it's bad enough that it's a direct sales pitch instead of an unbiased useful opinion.

June 24, 2007 @ 10:36 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I agree.  This is a blatant sales post and turns me completely off.

Just reading this Looooooong post, I wouldn't buy this software if it dispensed ice cold beer in the Sahara desert.

Ive dealt with many software dealers, owners and programmers in the past with Versyss, Medical Manager, Unisys, Medisoft, Lytec, Centricity and more and each person I dealt with was worse than a used car salesman.  

Everyone told me that their software was the best thing since slice bread.  One dealer told me I had to buy their computer which was a 486.  They wanted to charge me $4,000 for a computer that you could buy for $600.  Their software would only work on their computer.  Like i was stupid to fall for that.  

One doctor I worked for was paying $5,000 per month to use the software.  It was on an old 8088 computer with an orange monitor. I told the doctor to turn it in, buy a 286 and pay $600 for another software.  

Another doctor paid $250,000 to rent a software that only worked on a Unix platform.  The owners of the software had to dial in to make the software work.  When they terminated the rental, they could no longer access the patient data.

Last, when looking at Medical Manager, we were told it would cost $25,000 and if we wanted to anything other that post charges, we had to pay $5,000 for each module such as the report generator and collections module.  We also had to buy extra peripherals at a nice cost of $10,000 each and once the system was put together the peripherals sat in a corner because the installers didn't know what they were for and the sales people stopped taking our calls.  We also had to hire one of their technical support people to constantly fix the problems we had with the software.

Another software Ive seen runs the practice.  Once you input the data, a clock starts in the software.  In 30 days it puts the account into a review phase.  The intent is to have someone work the account.  If no one works the account, it transfers the responsibility to a secondary insurance or patient responsibility.  IT ERASES THE PRIMARY INSURANCE INFORMATION and it makes the secondary, primary.  If you have a workers comp, Medicaid, or HMO patient, it starts sending statements to these patients because no one worked the account.  Next thing you know you have the regulatory authorities on you for billing these patients.  So, to keep the patient from being billed, they have to write off the balances.  Once the write the balances off, they forget the money is still owed, so the doctor loses hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If they need to rebill, they have to input the primary insurance again and input the charges again, but what this does when the claim is printed is to show the payment as the full amount of charges and the balance due is $0,00, so they need to white out the payment and balance due and handwrite the true amounts.  This software was designed by accountants and they refuse to listen to the billers and make the changes needed. BTW, this software cost the company almost $125,000.

From my personal experience, people selling software will tell you anything to sell it, including lying to you.  We visited another user of a software and we found out it didn't do as what we were told.  

Last, software people don't like it when you talk about their software that may be in a negative mode such as, "I used it and it sucked."  So they hire a lawyer and they go after the owner of the forum where the message was posted and they go after the forum moderator and the poster.  They say that we slandered their product and we cost them sales.  Well, we, the users have a first amendment right to say what we want about our experiences.  We are consumers and we have a right to tell people how we experienced your product.  That's been going on since the first caveman sold a stick to his neighbor.  If you can't take criticism about a product, get out of the business.

How many times have you heard someone give a bad critique about a movie?  How many times does the morning TV shows show products and give reviews of the products?  Look at the restaurant critics in the news.  People have the right to express their views about a product and if you don't like it, don't try and sue someone because you don't like what someone said about your product.  

Let me also say this, you have 2 seconds to sell your product,  After 2 seconds you turn people off.  If you want to sell your product, spend some money to advertise it.  Put a demo on line to have people try it out and see if it is easy to use.  If we have to constantly use technical support and pay through the nose with technical support costs, then the software is a dud.  Also call technical support before you buy.  If it takes forever to get through, guess what problems you will have once you need help.

I come here for help, not read long sales pitches for software, or enhancement drugs.

September 5, 2007 @ 4:50 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

the best and affordable one that i've researched so far is EBS (Easy Billing Systems Inc...845-352-5222 1800easybill, just started using it and only paid under $2000 for it. and it's very effective so far

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