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Thread Topic: Stem cell transplant
Topic Originator: Stemcelltransplantzz
Post Date March 10, 2009 @ 12:49 PM
Stem cell transplant

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Stem cell

People I have more recently learnt that stem cells treat now the most terrible illness "cancer".
The medicine is not necessary on a place, and it has very much pleased me, here there is some information about it:
Treatment by stem cells is now applied at the most various diseases: nervous system, including a stroke, traumas of a backbone and a brain, cardiovascular, including at a myocardium heart attack. Treatment by stem cells is applied at a diabetes, and other infringements, applied at various inflammatory diseases.
Stem cells restore immunity, improve skin structure, restore articulate cartilages, strengthen a potentiality. The universal mechanism of action of stem cells underlies treatment of many infringements of functioning of an organism

Stem cell transplant

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