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Thread Topic: Unpaid Invoice
Topic Originator: Shane
Post Date May 9, 2005 @ 10:57 AM
Unpaid Invoice

May 9, 2005 @ 10:57 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I have a client who has several unpaid invoices. They are about 48 days overdue. I have sent him the invoices 3 times.

What else can I do to reclaim this money?


Lisa Paoli
May 9, 2005 @ 1:03 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Basically you can send them a friendly letter stating this is a final notice and your bill will sent to collections.  You can send this only if you are planning to enforce it or it's fraud.  

You can look for a collection agency in your area that is willing to work with you.  They usually take 30-50% but that's better then not collecting anything at all.

May 9, 2005 @ 10:08 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Are you still working for him?

Is the standard still 120 days out before it goes to the collection agency?

Have you actually spoken to the person responsible for paying? It may be that they cannot pay you due to changed circumstances etc or have simply forgotten or not even realised how important the payment is to you. I know of one accountant that used to do the books for a doctor's office that would not even look at an invoice until he had it for at least 45-60 days!

Anyway, of there is a problem with payment work out a payment plan and get them to sign it.

Good luck!

May 10, 2005 @ 7:00 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

We have contacted them a few times. Though it's always the same, "Checks in the mail".

I might see if they are interested in a payment plan. Great Idea Sheila.

Lisa - 30 to 50% for collection agencies. Thats a lot of waisted money. Thank you for that information. Really changes my thinking now.


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