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Thread Topic: Working in Canada
Topic Originator: Stephen
Post Date March 30, 2005 @ 12:05 PM
Working in Canada

March 30, 2005 @ 12:05 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Hi all, I am a US Biller, with over 5 years experience. My g/f and I are thinking of moving to Vancouver Canada for a few years, as she is Canadian.

Has anyone ever worked in both US and Canada and is there much of a difference.

Much appreciated.


March 31, 2005 @ 7:34 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Stephen; Hi I'm from Canada and just started my own Ohip Billing Business, I do not know much how the U.S bills, but I'll tell you a little how I got started.  Registered with Ontario Government my name of business this gave me my license $65.; buy or lease laptop$$ your preference; purchased program to install with support $5,000; lease or buy laser printer/photocopier $$; supplies needed to run office $$; Then you decide on what you will charge the Doctors but you would need to be compatible with other businesses so you would call around to find out what their fees are. This is if you want to run your own business from home! If you want to work for a billing company there are lots out there to send resumes to and they pay you a salary.  It is important to know our billing system it is alot different then the U.S.  Once we submit our billing through EDT and everthing is correct out Doctors get paid from the government.  As for my wage I have a written contract between the Doctor and myself.  
Good luck Kimberly

May 10, 2005 @ 2:47 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I think there should not be difference in coding area but billing might have a little change

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