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Thread Topic: Working in the hospital setting
Topic Originator: John Carlo
Post Date March 19, 2010 @ 3:45 AM
Working in the hospital setting

John Carlo
March 19, 2010 @ 3:45 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Hi all,
I will be enrolling myself in a billing and coding school program with the goal of working as an inpatient or outpatient medical coder in a hospital.  Whenever I look at coding jobs online, hospitals seem to pay way more than everybody else.  I have seen several jobs with salaries ranging from $40-$70k a year for coders at hospitals.  My question is, what is the actual job like for those with experience in that setting?  Does it pay so much more because of the stress level or just the sheer size of the institution?  Also, what would be a reasonable expectation for me to be making that kind of money once I pass my CCS, if I only have a year or less of experience to compliment the certification?  I imagine getting into the hospital is not the easiest thing to do.

April 18, 2010 @ 6:29 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

hospitals pay more because the coding is more difficult and complex. it is very hard to get into inpatient coding, they only want people with inpatient experience. Even if you sit for the CCS or the CPC-H, they will still want experience. Just be aware of that as you make inpatient coding your goal.

April 20, 2010 @ 4:39 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Hi John.  I work in a hospital setting.  Pay is different everywhere in the country I think.  You may have to start lower and work your way up.  They pay for knowledge, knowledge and experience in knowing the coding system, guidelines, medicare, and the changes that come every year.  It is very complex and takes time to learn.  After you graduate you will have the basics.  Learning it is one thing, working in actual medical records and patient stays is another.  If it is a good course you should be able to sit and pass the CCS or CPC when you graduate.  If you have the credential you will be more apt to be hired, even if starting out slow and lower.  Good luck!

September 1, 2010 @ 2:53 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I have an Associate's Degree in Health Information Technology and have been working at the same hospital (coding ER records) for 5 years.

I make under $22,000 annually. (This is before NY taxes).

September 3, 2010 @ 2:09 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

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