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Thread Topic: Needing some advice
Topic Originator: Athena Ford
Post Date October 29, 2006 @ 9:09 PM
Needing some advice

Athena Ford
October 29, 2006 @ 9:09 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

January 12, 2007 is graduation for me.Will be getting my my cerification in billing.  I am very proud that I have accomplished going back to school after getting married and having 5 children. However there are those who tell me that I am wasting my time by venturing out in medical billing and coding.  I have sent out quite a few resumes and have gotten exactly 2 calls back and they were not even for billing.  

What am I doing wrong?  I would like to start my oen business so I can stay at home with my kids, help my dad who just had a kidney removed due to renal cell carcinoma and my mom who has clinical depression.

I am currently residing in CT but due to my parents illness I may have to move closer to SC.  I am looking for work in Va or NC if possible.  
I have met some nice people on here that have gave some good advice I guess now I am just venting.  

I didnt go into school with my eyes closed. I knew that this was not going ot be easy just didnt think there were so many negative people out there.  Does any one have any advice on getting my foot in the door or even starting my own business?  I have even come to the conclusion that I may have to start as a filer or even receptionist.  I just want to get my foot in the door and once again I am told I wasted my time going to school if I was going to settle.  I dont look at it in regars to settling I am being realistic.  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks always Athena

Steve Verno, CMBSI
October 30, 2006 @ 9:24 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top


First, you haven't done anything wrong.  What you have done is to take the correct steps needed to be successful in this business.  You underwent the training and will soon be completing your goal.  

Now you have to work on your next goal, which is to find the provider that will trust in you.  You are seeing first hand how difficult this business is.  It is NOT as the advertisements or some schools say. This is a hard business and it takes a dedicated person to be in this business.

For now, finish your training, keep getting the word out there and keep looking.  A fisherman may go a day without catching a fish. On another day, the fisherman may come home with a boat full of fish.  As long as you believe in yourself, you will be successful!

November 25, 2006 @ 8:59 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Hi Athena and Steve,

Steve, what a Wonderful and so True reply. And I Love your Fisherman anology!


First, I'm very sorry your parents are ill, and what they must feel extremely fortunate that you are there to help care for them. Plus you have 5 children to care for! You have been and are jumping many hurdles. You have to be a very strong person to take on all you have, please maintain your strength and not give up.

I've been there and can relate. I just posted to 3 others feeling same as you, the frustration, etc.  Not sure if it would be of any help, but my post is on/at: Is it easy to find your first job?

Don't give up hope and the fight to get you foot in the door...

Take Care and Stay Strong.


November 26, 2006 @ 11:34 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

Tough on you, your family ill with 5 children that's not so easy. If you don't have any income, you better have to take any job for the moment, focuse on the medical industry ( receptionist, medical secretary,data entry, I mean any medical office position..), part or full time, whatever.That way you could be known as a biller/coder later if you show who you are and what you can do.. and do not stop sending resumes while you're working.

As for starting your own biz, you will need enough money for that. You know how to bill and code but what about the business side? For more information about how to start a medical billing business, buy the book" Medical Billing Beginners Book" of Paul G. Hackett at this link" " .

Here is the table of contents:
Chapter I Is There A Market For Medical Billing Services? 1

Chapter II What Kind Of Knowledge and Training Do I Need? 4

Chapter III What Should I Look For In a Billing Course? 7

Chapter IV Why Do I Need To Take Unnecessary Courses? 9

Chapter V What Is The Difference Between A Biller and a Coder? 10

Chapter VI What Kind Of Services Should I Offer? 12

Chapter VII How Much Do I Charge and How Much Will I Make? 13

Chapter VIII Do You Have An Example Of A Pricing List? 16

Chapter IX What Kind Of Software Should I Buy? 18

Chapter X Where Do I Start Looking For Software Vendors? 20

Chapter XI Should I Buy a Medical Billing Opportunity? 21

Chapter XII Where Do I Look For a Medical Billing Opportunity? 23

Chapter XIII What Is a Clearinghouse? 24

Chapter XIV Do You Have An Example Of How a Clearinghouse Charges? 26

Chapter XV Which Clearinghouse Should I Use? 28

Chapter XVI How Much Will It Really Cost Me To Start A Billing Service? 29

Chapter XVII Why Do I Need To Set Up A Business Account? 30

Chapter XVIII How Should I Set Up My Business? 31

Chapter XIX How Can I Protect My Business From Mistakes I Make? 32

Chapter XX What Should I Name My Business? 33

Chapter XXI How Do I Know Im Picking a Unique Business Name? 35

Chapter XXII Will The Name I Choose Be Exclusive To My Company? 3 6

Chapter XXIII What Should Be My Business Structure? 38

Chapter XXIV What Is a Business Plan? 41

Chapter XXV Where Can I Go To Get Help Writing a Business Plan? 44

Chapter XXVI What Is Meant By Compliance? 45

Chapter XXVII What are The Components Of a Compliance Program? 46

Chapter XXVIII What Kind Of Contracts/Paperwork Will I Need? 47

Chapter XXIX How Do I Get Doctors For My Business? 76

Chapter XXX Do You Have An Example Of A Mail Piece? 80

Chapter XXXI I Made The Mailers. Now What? 84

Chapter XXXII Where Do I Find The Physicians Contact Information? 85

Chapter XXXIII Is That All I Have To Do To Get Doctors? 86

Chapter XXXIV Do You Have Any Other Advice? 88

Chapter XXXV What If Medical Billing Isnt For You? Then What! 91

Appendix A Checklist For Starting A Billing Company 96

Appendix B Medical Billing Resources and Forums 98

Appendix C Accredited Certification Institutions And Home Study Courses 100

Appendix D Software Companies Directory 101

Appendix E Medical Billing Opportunity Directory 102

Appendix F Clearinghouse Directory 103

Appendix G Business Name Authentication/Business Plan/Business Law Directory 104

Appendix H Government Agencies You Need To Know 105

Appendix I Recommended Reading 106
You can also contact "Synergy Medical Information Systems " which is a medical billing opportunity for more advice.

Good luck.

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