The Medicare Compliance Manual

Author: Sean Weiss - The CMC Group, LLC

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Product #: 10-MCR05

Review: The Medicare Compliance Manual is a comprehensive manual covering this complicated range of topics accurately that is easy to read and understand.

Topics that are covered include - The basics of Medicare, Overview of the Current Regulatory Environment, HIPAA Privacy and Security, Compliance Program for Physicians, General Principles of Medical Record Documentation, Evaluation and Management Services and Medicare as a Secondary Payer.

The manual is packed with pertinent, everyday information that medical practices need to make sure that they are being paid appropriately for the services that they are providing to their patients as well as being in compliance with federal payer guidelines.

It is interesting to note that this manual is part of the curriculum at a 4-year university for Health Information Management Service students.

Overall, The Medicare Compliance Manual is an interesting book that covers this broad topic completely. It is a great resource to have in the office.