Principles of Medicare - 2007 Edition

Principles of Medicare - 2007 Edition is a "must have" for every medical office to use as a reference tool or refresher/training tool for staff.

Chapters of this book include: The basics of Medicare, Enrolling and Participating in Medicare, What is covered by Medicare, General coding and documentation requirements, E/M Coding, Billing Medicare Part B, Medicare as a Secondary Payer, Medicare Remittance, and lastly Appeals and Regulatory Compliance: Fraud and Abuse.

Each chapter provides the reader with a solid understanding of the topics covered within each subject. For example, the chapter titled "What is covered by Medicare" starts with information about coverage policies with a link that the reader can visit to find further details on national coverage and also discusses local coverage determinations. It goes on to outline Inpatient Hospital Coverage (Part A), Inpatient Hospital Services (Part B), Outpatient Hospital Services (Part B), Physician Services (Part B) and other services covered under Part B. There is also a section in the chapter covering excluded services.

Highlights of the book also includes a section devoted to FAQ's about Medicare as a Secondary Payer and a section discussing the levels of appeals and appealing Part C and D.

Overall, Principles of Medicare is a great book to have in the office to provide a solid understanding of how Medicare works.

Publisher: The CMC Group
Cost: Normally $70.00 - NOW only $63.00 with 10% discount for BC Advantage Members (use code BC0507 when checking out)
Size:  244 pages
ISBN:  0-9788509-3-9