CodeItRightOnline - Updated

CodeItRightOnline" is a great online tool designed to help coders and billers access content from over 20 resource books including ICD-9-CM, CPT® and HCPCS. Setting up is easy and takes only a few minutes to select specialties and locations amongst others personalized features.

Users can choose from a variety of fully "customizable" features that can be altered to suit their specialty and / or needs. There are the traditional features that you would expect with such software such as a code search and users can use several search methods such as index terms, codes, keywords or expressions to find the required code. Users can also search historical data, modifiers, revenue codes and even deleted codes. There are also coding crosswalks that take users from CPT® to ICD-9-CM to HCPCS and Anesthesia codes. A unique feature is a field under each code that users can put their own personal notes to remind themselves particular facts about each code if need be.

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Another feature is the newsletters/articles option where users can select particular items of interest from a variety of sources and have them sent to their inbox to read and/or store at their leisure. Users can also create a book or PDF file containing all pertinent information for codes/specialties that they use on a regular basis.  Users will also be notified of code updates on a quarterly basis with access to the past two years of historical data as well. Great for billers and working those denials.

There are many features in CodeItRightOnline" and Contexo Media LLC are so convinced that you'll be impressed that they are offering a 14-day no obligation trial and a free webinar for you to take a look. For further information call 800-334-5724 and refer to source code BC09.

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