CEU Manager - It's FREE!

Everyone who is certified has experienced the feeling of "Oh no, is it that time again?" at one stage or another. I'm referring to the panic stage time of when it comes to renewing our certifications and getting CEUs. And if we have more than one then low and behold that daunting task becomes magnified to the point of "Aarrgh, why didn't I get this done earlier?"

If you're like me you've been guilty of the following. Each course, chapter meeting or conference that I've attended throughout the year I've received a CEU certificate of some kind. I have placed each certificate into a folder for "safe keeping" and later retrieval when it comes to renewing. I've kept a rough tally of the total amount of CEUs in my head but not really sure of exactly how many I've got in there. The panic stage comes (usually a week or less before renewal date) when I start getting it all together and realizing that I just don't have enough! Is this you? Do you experience that last minute scrambling of obtaining CEUs? Are you guilty of the "Never again, next time I'll be organized!" annual vow?

Well help is at hand for those of us who just don't have the time to manage it as well as we should. The website www.CEUmanager.com provides a FREE online system for keeping our certification needs straight.

Features of the system include:

  1. It's FREE!
  2. An easily updateable user demographics area in "My Profile" where you can enter your personal information and add or change your certification information
  3. Each page features the total amount of CEUs earned and CEUs needed to complete your certification so you're always aware of where you stand. So no surprises!
  4. Update courses attended with CEU values, dates and other information. At the bottom of this page is an outline of all courses attended during the certification date range.
  5. Create a renewal report for each association that you have a certification with via a click of a button. Each report automatically is filled with your personal details and CEU course information for submission.
  6. Can be used for those who have multiple certifications with one association or certifications with multiple associations.

It just takes a little time to input the information but it is so easy to follow and manage your CEUs that you'll ask yourself why it hasn't been done before!

Check it out at www.ceumanager.com