Viva Las Vegas! Medical Billing Conference Success

This ambitious conference brought together experts in practice revenue enhancement from across the country. Keynote speakers included Steve Verno, CMBSI; Christine Christensen, RMC CMBSI; Liz Jones, MS CMBSI; and Kathy Young, CMBSI CCP.

Some of the highlights of the meeting were the discussions of Negotiating Healthcare Contracts; Tips on Getting E&M Codes Paid; When to use CPT and HCPCS Modifiers; How to use ICD Codes to Decrease Denials; and Starting a Medical Billing Service. 

The conference concluded with a round table discussion involving the conference speakers and other reimbursement specialists. A range of questions from the floor sought clarification on a number of points mainly focusing on running a successful medical billing service.

Participants were treated to a wild evening when Elvis sang and danced his way into the wine and cheese party.  Viva Las Vegas!