Dr. Carter's Corner : CPT Updates for 2008

Let's take a look at the CPT changes for 2008 recently published by the AMA.

For 2008, 51 codes were deleted across all major code groupings.

306 code descriptions were updated. There are 242 new codes. The following are temporary codes:

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The remaining 127 new Category I codes occur in the following book sections:

Dr. Carter's Corner
Darren Carter, MD, founder and President of Provistas, has a personal commitment to alleviating uncertainties in the new health compliance environment. He has authored dozens of articles, presents to professional and hospital associations, serves on several editorial boards, and provides consulting and expert witness testimony.

CPT® 2008 Manuals Shipping NOW

The perennial favorite CPT manuals for many coders, the AMA's own CPT Standard, CPT Professional, and CPT Changes for 2008 are shipping now. If you've already ordered the books, the AMA has released errata downloadable as a PDF.

Medical Coding .Net is excited to announce a new CPT manual offering, the Procedural Coding Professional. For those coders who want as much information as the AMA offers plus:

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