Financial Management Policies for the Physician Office

ISBN: 978-0-9788603-4-9
Publisher: Practice Support Resources, Inc
Price: $79

Office managers, administrators and physicians are increasingly called upon to make decisions to meet the requirements of a financially sound practice.

This manual is written to advance your skills in establishing effective financial manual policies and procedures.

Written in a non-narrative format, it includes concise examples and tools. Each topic page has a "how-to-use" note that puts the subject in perspective and how you can apply to your office setting.

This manual appeals to both the established practice and the beginning practice.

For the established practice, it shows how to improve internal financial controls, analyze the financial impact on operational changed planned such as additional equipment or services, most cost saving tips, reviewing managed care plans, applying financial ratios for monitoring performance, and making it easy to develop a usable business plan and budget.

For the new practice written policies include a chart of accounts, accounts payable, purchasing, inventory, accounts receivable, collections, managing expenses and financial reporting forms.

This practical handbook with forms and tools on CD, will benefit the onsite manager and physician who want a further grasp of financial management within the office.