No denying it

CLAIMS get denied or incorrectly paid all the time and this costs you and your physician money. Coding with Modifiers helps you understand both CPT and HCPCS modifiers and the correct way to use them.

The book is easy to refer to with each modifier dealt with separately with examples, definitions and coding tips.

Each section also contains AMA and CMS guidelines that are clearly designated for quick and accurate use. Ambulatory Surgery Center and Hospital Outpatient Modifiers are outlined as well.

Each chapter has a section to test your knowledge which will help you gain a greater understanding of each modifier including 2 examinations at the end of the book for you to test your overall knowledge.

This is an excellent book to have in the office setting or to use to gain a thorough understanding of CPT and HCPCS modifiers for accurate billing and coding.

Reviewed by Nichole Anderson

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