PAHCOM 2009 Medical Office Salary Survey

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Publisher: Practice Support Resources, Inc
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Format: Soft Cover Booklet

The annual PAHCOM Medical Office Salary Survey has been an often-referred-to resource for medical office professionals. This 2009 edition has data collected from 3,000 active members of the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management, representing solo to small group medical offices nationwide.

The data was collected on-line by Member Link Marketing and analyzed by PAHCOM staff. Rather than volumes of complex tables and statistics, this item is a very concise summary report with reliable information on staff wages and benefits in addition to profiles of office managers.

Salaries are reported for thirteen medical office administrative, clerical and clinical position titles, and Nurse Practitioners. The report shows the diversity of compensation among practices of thirty-one different physician specialties. Office manager salaries are shown by geographical area and national average.

Also, the average compensation of the administrative/clerical positions is shown based on the number of physicians in a practice.

A further breakdown is given for office manager salaries based on years of experience and whether certified or non-certified. Differences are shown between practice administrators and office managers.

Among the small offices surveyed, a large percentage are C corporations followed by
S corporations and partnerships, showing a movement in the industry toward a more formal business structure.

With the easy to review format of the survey findings, this report is a practical resource for many practices.

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