Medical Billing Networks and Processes

Author:  Yuval Lirov
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Format: Hardcover book - 283 pages
ISBN:  978-0-9796101-3-4
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Medical Billing Networks and Processes is a book that should be read by many who are involved with a practice. This includes the practice owner and manager, the billing service company owner, the consultant, compliance officer, physician and others who are interested in learning about making strategic decisions for a practice. It will not teach you about billing or coding but instead focuses on the business side of things.

The book is divided into parts covering Payer-Provider Adversity, which covers chapters such as whether providers need to audit payers and provides several strategies for dealing with the payers systems. Another part is titled Workflow Processes, which discusses (amongst other things) 10 criteria for the best billing software and office management solution. You will also find parts titled Metrics, Analysis and Reporting, Compliance and Audit, Electronic Medical Records and SOAP Notes, Outsourcing, Billing Performance Indexing and Patient Relationship Management. You will find many chapters under each part that cover a myriad of sub topics and provides strategies that are easily implemented if you are not already doing so.

The author, Yuval Lirov is the CEO of Vericle Medical Billing Network has also invited other professionals within our industry to write chapters on topics that they have experience in. Topics included are physician "Super Groups", EMR's Integrating systems for practice management and ethical coding and billing practices.

Overall, this is an easy-to-read guide to improving your medical billing and coding procedures whether your practice is large or small.