Medical Billing : The Bottom Line - Revised Edition

Editorial Reviews

The reviews on this book have been excellent. Medical Billing The Bottom Line Revised Edition has expanded to help future entrepreneurs not only market and set up their own based business but to understand the concept of medical billing and getting started.

Book Description
A comprehensive guide to starting your own home-based medical billing business. Chapters include setting up your home-based medical billing office, starting out, pricing your services, finding clients, marketing examples and strategies, writing a business plan and much more. The revised edition has several new chapters that include: understanding medical billing and what medical billing codes and modifiers mean, legal consideration, life cycle of an insurance claim form and how to fill out an insurance claim form along with examples.

About the Author
Claudia Yalden, president of CAY Medical Billing and The Academy of Medical Billing resides in Hollis, New Hampshire. She has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows pertaining to medical billing. In addition to overseeing her own extensive billing practice she has provided national seminars in numerous states on the subject of medical billing and marketing and has trained individual physicians and their staff.
Claudia has over 15 years of claims processing, medical billing and hospital administration. In 1997 she formed The Academy of Medical Billing to train and help others fulfill their entrepreneurial dream as she has done.

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