Encoderpro - Review

I have used Encoderpro for over one year for my consulting and medical billing company and have recommended this to my clients as well as students and externs that I work with. I have found this to be the most user-friendly program on the market today. I love the comprehensive features such as the CCI edits (correct coding initiative) and the claim scrubber. I love the ease of the up-to-date information and flexibility of being able to access the information from anywhere and not having to carry multiple heavy books and notebooks everywhere I go as I am a consultant that works in many different providers offices. Having a one-stop-shop resource is an invaluable resource in a market where the information and education you are selling is the key to many others livelihoods. Anyone that is entering into a new specialty or does billing and/or coding for multiple specialties will love the layman's terminology and the description of the procedures.

It has beautiful illustrations and I have found it to be most useful when coding procedures. I find the Encoderpro to be the most economical solution for offices with multiple locations, consultants, billing services, etc. Now that I have had it, I cannot go back to living without it. For consultants, teachers, or even providers that have to travel to multiple locations, the flexibility this solution offers cannot be beaten. Being able to add your own user notes to the software and adding custom annotations that are there for you the next time that you log in is great for students as well as useful for making notes regarding payor policies etc when on the job.

This feature makes it a compliment to any practice management software that you are utilizing. This is also a great feature in offices for the staff to be able to communicate important reimbursement information to each other. This could also save practices money in lost revenue. I think from a compliance standpoint this is a cannot practice without it product!

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Merrilee Severino, CPC, CMM, CPM
MS Physician Practice Management and Revenue Consultants, Corp