Policies and Procedures for the Electronic Medical Practice

ISBN#: 978-1-60389-106-5
Item#: OP602909
Authors: American Medical Association
Where: www.catalog.ama-assn.org
Price: $84.95

With the movement towards an electronic physicians office, current policies and procedures need to be updated to comply with this trend. The way that things have always been done in a paper office no longer applies in an electronic one. Have you thought about all of the issues that need to be covered and how?

Policies and Procedures for the Electronic Medical Practice takes you through the different areas that need to be addressed. Issues such as security, redesigning workflow processes and retraining staffs to name a few are covered in this book.

It's an easy-to-read book with chapters such as Getting started with your policies and procedures, Your roadmap through the Decade of Health Information Technology, Evaluating Safeguards for Technology Adoption, Updates and Health Information Exchange, Performance Measurements and Their Effects on Your Policies and Procedures and Managing the Personal Health Record.

include such topics as Resources and Guidance for the HIPAA Privacy Rule, NPI Tip Sheet, Risk Mitigation Tools, Compliance and Enforcement, HITCH Act and many more.

Also included is a CD-Rom that has policies and procedures in a customizable format that can help your office transition easily and efficiently to comply with forthcoming legislation. Each chapter has been laid out so that it includes learning objectives, any new terms, relevant case studies, background information supporting the set of policies and procedures and the actual policies and procedures themselves that you can customize.

Change is coming whether we like it or not so we need to be proactive in getting offices ready for the electronic exchange of health information (if you haven't already of course!). This book can help you with some of the challenges that you will face so that it will all happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.