ICD-10-CM Mappings

ISBN #: 9781601514752
Item #: ITCM10W
Publisher: Ingenix
Where: www.shopingenix.com

Price: $129.95
Linking ICD-9-CM to all valid ICD-10-CM alternatives Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to the transition to ICD-10. The higher degree of specificity in the ICD-10-CM code set is going to require more documentation and more coding precision.

Focus your ICD-10 training without learning the entire code set. By mapping the most frequently used ICD-9-CM codes for your practice or facility to their corresponding ICD-10-CM codes, you can identify areas needing increased documentation and evaluate how additional specificity may impact your revenue.

This book was created to simplify your transition and get your office or facility ready for future documentation and coding needs.

Features and benefits
- Perform impact analysis to identify and focus on high priority coding issues.
Using the ICD-9-CM codes you already know as your guide, youll be able to
quickly identify the ICD-10-CM codes that are pertinent to your office or facility
and zero-in on codes to focus on for training and system transition.
- Links ICD-9-CM codes to all valid ICD-10-CM alternatives. Convenient lookup
tool for verifying code choices in the new code system.
- Jump-start your implementation plan. Start improving documentation habits
now in preparation for increased documentation requirements under ICD-10.
- Must-have resource to update your offices coding and billing tools. Choose the
right codes to convert super bills, forms, reports, and EHRs/PHRs that meet
your specific clinical and coding criteria.
- Software validation. Use this mapping tool to verify software accuracy, evaluate
new software, and assist in conversion planning.
- Easy-to-use table format. Lists ICD-9-CM codes with titles and the corresponding
ICD-10-CM codes with titles.