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Title:  Ingenix

Ingenix is an intuitive new tool that makes finding answers to your coding, billing, and reimbursement questions quick and easy.  Ingenix's web-based brand new product, compiles dozens of Ingenix reference books, thousands of Medicare documents, and local and national Medicare policy information into one searchable database.  Its enhanced search capabilities as well as sophisticated filters cross-indexed search results means you can navigate the application with ease.  The software conducts searches across multiple sources, and reduces research time, and enables access to up-to-date rules and regulations.

The tool is quick and it's easy to use.  With links to public information and Ingenix proprietary content, all the critical information you need is consolidated into one comprehensive tool.  So you find what to need, faster. features a powerful code look-up tool--the Ingenix CodeLogic" Search Engine, which allows you to search across all three codes sets, simultaneously by code, keyword, acronym, and abbreviation.  In addition, you view LCD/NCD, lay descriptions, illustrations, and Pub. 100 references for each code. 

The web-based application is robust with Medicare content and is always up-to-date.  With's vast library, you get online access to Medicare transmittals, press releases, Pub. 100 references, and morespanning five years of historical data.  In addition, search Medicare LCD/NCD policies for code combinations for medical necessity edits for all Medicare contractors to facilitate complete and clean claim submission and timely reimbursement.

This tool provides access to forms and fee schedules, because using the correct form is imperative to reimbursementbut finding the right one can take time.  With the Ingenix MedicalReference, you can access commonly used Medicare Fee Schedules and Ingenix forms, templates, and checklists with a click of the mouse.

Ingenix's newest product, reduces research time to enhance productivity, conducts searches across multiple soureces in a single tool, and helps to maintain compliance with access to up-to-date rules and regulations.  Ingenix plans to keep adding pertinent resources and customizations to fit market needs. 

To view the current resources included in, go to, or call 1-800-INGENIX (464-3649).