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Your 'superhighway' to 400+ codes


Interventional Radiology Coder was our very first publication - and it's still our top seller. Why? Because it speeds you to the right CPT® code for any of 400-plus procedures. No need to plow through tons of text or cross reference multiple volumes. Everything's here in one compact, easy-to-use volume! Highlights:


Findings from MedLearn consulting experts
MedLearn consulting experts speak from their real-world experiences regarding the potential benefits of Interventional Radiology Coder to healthcare organizations:


Missed GU/biliary codes - "Interventional radiology continues to be one of the top two most difficult area of medicine for coders. Within IR, biliary and GU procedures are among the most confusing areas - and where a lot of mistakes are made. For example, one missed code for biliary tube insertion translates to a lost APC payment ranging from $975 to more than $1,800. A similar scenario on the GU side could result in a reduced APC payment of approximately $385 to more than $1,500. For physician services, missing GU and biliary codes equal anywhere from 1 to 16+ RVUs, or roughly $38 to $608. Referring to Interventional Radiology Coder can help providers avoid these issues."


An $1,800 mistake - "Hospitals routinely miss S&I codes for imaging. Considering that one of these codes typically carries a current (2008) APC value of more than $1,800, it's easy to understand how this book could pay for itself many times over by catching just one code omission."


"AWOL" RVUs really add up - "On the physician side, one missed IR code equates to payment downswings ranging from approximately $20 to more than $800. One of the most common trouble spots is missing surgical codes for catheter placement. The negative impact on physician payment is anywhere from 4.27 to 9.03 RVUs, which amounts to a lost Medicare reimbursement, based on current rates, of approximately $163 to $346 per code. The good news is that these forfeitures are entirely preventable."


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