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If you work in a cardiovascular setting, you know how daunting it can be to navigate through peripheral and cardiology coding. That's why you need this book; it addresses both physician and outpatient facility coding - a MedLearn exclusive. Highlights:


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MedLearn consulting experts speak from their real-world experiences regarding the potential benefits of Peripheral & Cardiology Coder to healthcare organizations:


Rampant under-coding - "Cardiologists are performing more and more procedures that were once the domain of interventional radiologists, such as cerebral angiography, cervical angiography of the carotid and the placement of stints in those vessels. In our recent consultations, weve observed widespread under-coding of these procedures. The missed revenue can be substantial. For example, in physician practices, one under-coded procedure may result in a payment reduction of 10 to 30 RVUs. At $38 per RVU, the losses can add up quickly."

$3,000+ payment reduction - "Stent placement following a suboptimal angioplasty in the same lesion is a scenario in which we see a common coding error. According to current Medicare coding guidelines, both procedures should be coded in this case, yet we often find that only the stent placement is coded. The resulting reimbursement shortfall is substantial: approximately $3,400, based on the current Medicare OPPS - roughly a one-third reduction of the $9,900 that should be paid.?"

Miscoding aortogram with angiogram - "We've seen several instances of providers coding incorrectly for an angiogram performed in conjunction with an aortogram. Example: An aortogram is performed from a catheter placed in the proximal aorta. Then the same catheter is repositioned in the distal aorta for a bilateral lower extremity angiogram. Two radiology S&I codes (75626 for the abdominal aortogram and 75716 for the bilateral extremity angiogram) should be submitted.* However, the provider may incorrectly use code 75630, which describes angiography of the entire aorta and lower extremities from one catheter position. For hospitals, this mistake translates to a net $1,000 payment reduction for each patient encounter."
*See CPT Assistant, January 01:14


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