Coding Surgical Procedures: Beyond the Basics - 1st Edition

Authors: Gail I. Smith
Publisher: Delmar, Cengage Learning
Price: Print - $56.49
          Digital - starting from $31.49

This book has been written for coding professionals to refine their learning of the surgery section of the CPT®. The surgery section of the CPT® is the largest and encompasses all body systems so anyone who is responsible for surgical coding must have an excellent knowledge of the actual surgical procedures as well as the anatomy and guidelines involved with those procedures. Successful code assignment is paramount in reimbursement and compliance for all involved.

The author followed the organization of the surgery section in the CPT® so reference is straight forward and with the book being spiral bound it sits flat freeing up both hands (who needs a recipe type holder to hold a reference book on your desk?).

Each of the 12 chapters follows a particular format with a chapter outline, key terms and objectives. There are various exercises spread throughout each chapter and a review with multiple-choice questions and coding assessments at the end of each chapter. At the end of the book is an appendix with an answer key. There are also illustrations to accompany some of the procedures to help you understand with coding tips and notes sprinkled throughout. Included is a free CD-Rom trial of Encoder Pro by Ingenix as well.

Coding Surgical Procedures is a well structured and laid out book that is easily referenced and a great tool for those wanting to improve their understanding of coding surgical procedures.