Write a Kick Butt Contract For Your Medical Billing Service

Authors: Alice Scott and Michele Redmond
Publisher: Solutions Medical Billing, Inc
Where: www.medicalbillinglive.com or call 1-800-490-4299
Price: $45.00

Are you thinking about starting your own medical billing business or do you have one already that could use a bit of help? Are you aware of all of the responsibilities that need to be covered before you take on providers as clients? Do you have a contract that sufficiently lays out the agreement between you and your client? If not, then you may be placing yourself into dangerous waters and have the potential to lose a little or a lot of money.

The importance of a contract that is tailor made for you and client is emphasized in this book. The days of cookie-cutter contracts are long gone (or were they ever really here?) with regulations and variations in practices requiring individual agreements.

The authors are writing from experience from starting their billing business in 1994 through today they have encountered different situations and find that business owners are still facing similar, if not, the same situations as they have. They've been there and are writing this book to walk you through the writing of such a contract that suits your needs so that you can avoid the pitfalls that they have faced previously.

The book covers topics such as how, why and what goes into a contract, determining the effective date and identifying people in the contract, the terms of the contract and services you will provide, how much you will charge, and how/when the provider will pay you and more importantly what if they don't? Chapters also include outlining the provider's responsibilities (billing information, EOBS, answers to issues, advance notice of moving etc.) Even HIPAA and compliance plans are covered along with termination and length of contracts.

The book is written as if you were sitting down with the authors themselves and is so easy to read. Both Alice and Michele have also sprinkled stories of their own experiences through the book to emphasize the importance of such topics. They do also point out that they are not lawyers and are not offering legal advice but are providing the knowledge so that you can develop your own list of needs to take to an attorney and possibly save some money in fees etc.

At $45.00 this book is a cost effective way of providing a lot of information that is essential when moving towards developing a successful medical billing contract. Protecting yourself and your clients is a very important issue and responsibilities should be laid out correctly the first time.