Medical Terminology for Insurance and Coding

Author: Marie A. Moisio
Publisher: Delmar, Cengage Learning
Price: Print - $45.49
Digital - starting from $26.99

Medical terminology is the base language of our industry. Coders, billers, medical assistants (amongst others of course!) can all benefit from having an excellent understanding of the medical terms and their application.

This book - Medical Terminology for Insurance and Coding - is a workbook that has been designed with a student in mind. It has been written in easy to follow format that doesn't overwhelm the newbie with medical jargon or the like.(not in overwhelming medical jargon) with objectives, exercises and chapter reviews to measure understanding as you go through it.

The book has been broken into chapters that correspond to the body systems. Each chapter has an objective, overview, key terms, tables, illustrations, plenty of exercises, a summary and a chapter review. The chapter reviews are extremely useful in stretching your brain muscles especially if you're prepping for an exam or testing your skills. There's also an answer key at the back of the book to help you with immediate feedback should you need it. You'll find a lot of information in this book but as it has been laid out carefully and in a logical manner you'll find that you'll keep referring to it in the future. So whether you're a student new to the field or someone reviewing your skills for a certification exam etc you'll get plenty of practice and a lot out of this book.