The Smart Manager's Guide to Collecting at Checkout

Author: Mary Pat Whaley, FACMPE
Price: Digital-$39.95

This is the book to have if you want to implement a front-end collection program and want to do it successfully in 30 days or so.

The author, Mary Pat Whaley, takes you through the stages of planning through implementation and thoroughly covers all in between. She explains the financial importance of collecting up-front versus back-end, the importance of disclosure to your patients as well as your staff, allocating your budget, how to evaluate what you need to be able to successfully implement this program, how to redesign your financial policy to support this program and also many templates and worksheets for you to use.

This book definitely provides assistance in handling change within the practice. Obviously both the physician and staff do not want to alienate patients and could be worried about having confrontations when discussing money with patients so a complete the buy-in from both is necessary for success. The author provides tips on how to garner that support for the program and to obtain that commitment.

An interesting feature of the book is the Action Items at the end of most sections. By completing the Action Items by using a worksheet or template to design a component of the program you will be able to stay on track for full implementation by the 30-day mark.

This book is extremely easy to follow with lots of valuable information about implementing such an important money-saving program into the practice. So if your A/R is out of control and you want to be more proactive with your collection policy then this is the book for you.