The Unfiltered Guide to Medical Office Management

Title: Author: Don Self
Price: $89.00
Where to get: and clock on Webstore link for this and other products

One of the compliments that we get at BC Advantage (amongst the many of course!) is that the articles that we publish are written in a way that each is very easy to read. Some have even said that it's like theyre having a conversation with the author. Nothing is "dumbed" down but written in an easy conversational tone that is easy to understand. This brings me to Don's book. There's no wishy-washy terms or opinions here, after all it is titled "The Unfiltered Guide..." Mind you I find this refreshing and Im sure you will too.

Now, to the book: It starts off covering office policies such as, location, marketing your practice, Medicare participation status, provider identity theft, copying cards, the reception area, and much more. It also discusses fees and discounts, double booking, office and insurance theft/fraud, HIPAA and self-pay agreements. E&M documentation is covered quite extensively as well as EMRs and PQRI. Incident-to billing is discussed as well as charges for physician and non-physician services and items.

The book then goes on to look at coding for a variety of different services such as Medicare secondary in a hospital, pre-op consultations, LCD's, ICD-10, modifiers, critical care, hospital discharge and others. Another couple of pages are devoted to covering progress note blunders, sports and school physicals and a little interesting statement "Signed but not read".

As you can see, there are a lot of topics covered in this book and I didn't even get to mention them all!

Something that might catch your attention is under the last chapter titled "Offer from the Author". Yes, Don is offering an hour of his time for offices that purchase the book. What that means is that he will happily spend an hour of his time with you, (as long as the physician and the office manager are also on the call) discussing and asking some questions about your practice. Then he will make specific recommendations for your practice to help you fall into line with Evidenced Based Medicine guidelines. He is also happy to give ideas on how you could increase your income or identify areas where you could be flagging audits or possibly committing other issues or frauds. What an offer that certainly cannot be beat!