Title: FeeCalc
Produced by: DecisionHealth
Learn more: www.feecalc.decisionhealth.com

FeeCalc is a user-friendly, web-based tool that is unlike any other fee estimators that I have used in the past. I absolutely loved using this product as it made what was normally a chore that I find tedious a very quick and easy task; it was almost fun!

After logging into the website, I could quickly search entire code sets for my location, getting accurate information for the new 2013 fee schedule. I was able to search individual codes and create my own custom fee schedule too!

Once I had my report, I was also able to export this information directly into an Excel file to create a "cheat sheet" for the 20% that I have my offices collect from patients at the time of service. I also had the ability to convert to a PDF file to distribute to the offices, which I thought was a great feature. In addition to making my Medicare work easier, they have wonderful information from the commercial payers to make calculation of your private pay fee schedule just as easy. This website makes quick and easy work of coming up with a formula to base your fees off of and for compliance you can compare with your peers.

The time it saved me easily covered the cost of subscription by saving the hours of work it has taken me to do the same thing in years past.

Anyone who does billing or contracting for providers in multiple locations and geographical carrier jurisdictions would want to have this absolute blessing of a subscription as you have access to nationwide real-time charge data at no additional cost. In addition, being armed with the knowledge that you can gleam from this site prior to sitting down for a contract negotiation is definitely scale-tipper. You also have access to Medicare fee schedules from 2009 to present. This is a must have for billing services, large groups, urgent cares, providers with multiple offices, and everyone that has to know how much they
should be getting paid!

Try a free demo of FeeCalc today by going to http://feecalc.decisionhealth.com/