Mobile Devices Best Apps in HealthCare

By: Vanessa Best, CCS-P, CPC

We've all heard the catchphrase, "There's an app for that!" And there is... even in healthcare! In this article I have compiled a hot list of the 10 best healthcare apps.

According to a Manhattan Research study, the number of physicians who have adopted tablets for professional purposes doubled between 2011 and 2012. Interestingly, half of them use technology at the point-of-care.  This acceleration of healthcare technology using mobile devices amongst providers has increased the demand for applications. There are now many applications that are HIPAA compliant and follow Security and Privacy Subtitle D of the ARRA HiTech Act. Many of the applications streamline patient encounters, document clinical data, facilitate coordination of care between providers, provide interoperability, and more.

When implementing and using an app, be sure to:

Here are the apps!

Applications for Clinical Documentation:
These applications help providers meet requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 1. It streamlines the workflow by incorporating charting, patient registration, and billing. This coordination makes for more efficient processing and documentation by sharing information between front desk reception, provider documentation, and billing staff.

Drchrono*(dr - Mobile EHR built for the iPad with built-in medical billing, patient mobile check-in, and automated appointment reminders. ONC-ATCB Certified complete EHR. Built-in medical billing that submits claims, electronic remittance advice (ERA- or Electronic explanation of benefits), and Realtime eligibility checks 

Umbie DentalCare Mobile* ( - Dental mobile Practice Management that enables interaction with patients, management reporting, charting, and billing. Internet connection

Applications for Care Coordination:
Providers need to coordinate care with other healthcare professionals in an expedient, compliant system. Hospital based providers, clinics, and multi-specialty groups benefit from HIPAA secured and encrypted texting.

Tigertext* - HIPAA compliant encrypted texting to coordinate care between providers and other healthcare professionals even in hospitals. App store, Android, and Windows

Medigram* HIPAA compliant fully complies with HIPAA security and privacy and Subtitle D of the ARRA HITECH Act.  App store, Android, and Windows

Applications for Interoperability- Health Information Exchange:
Ways to provide release of information to different entities is a task that on paper can be very time consuming. Electronic exchange is effective and reduces processing time.
Medi-Copy* - Certified Release of Information online HIPAA secured service. Request of PHI (protected health information) to Attorneys, Auto Insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, Health Insurance, Doctors, Pharmacy, Hospitals with 24 hour turnaround

Applications for Interoperability - for PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System):
Providers need to view and navigate studies from multiple locations. This app provides multiple mobile access points.
iPaxera* www.paxeramed - Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) viewing applications specifically designed for viewing and navigating studies (DICOM images) with iPad, iPhone, iPod

Applications for Patients Access to Care:
Patients constantly surf the web for online answers about common illnesses. This free app provides tips from thousands of providers.
Healthtap * - Answers and Tips from 38,000 Doctors

Applications for Charge Entry:
The Electronic billing cycle for "clean claims" can mean payment to provider within 14 days of receipt of claim. The expediency of the charges reaching the biller results in quicker reimbursement. Some apps have integration with practice management programs.
Patientkeeper Electronic Charge Capture that can be entered on smartphone, tablet, or internet connected

pmdsoft  Apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad

Medisoft Mobile Practice management with mobile appointment scheduling and charge entry for app iPhone and iPad

 * These healthcare apps have partnered with BOX. Box is a cloud storage service that is both compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Box also has Business Associate Agreements signed with its customers to ensure compliance.

Vanessa Best, CCS-P, CPC, AHIMA ICD-10 Trainer, Hit-Pro - IM, has helped hundreds of healthcare professionals find and implement solutions to enhance productivity.