Introduction to Mental Health Billing

Authors: Alice Scott and Michele Redmond
Price: $47.00 for 89 page e-book

We get a variety of phone calls here at the BC Advantage office. Some are straightforward questions and comments, etc., but some are from worried individuals with specific questions relating to specialties. One of those specialties that we have received queries about is mental health billing. It has always been our policy to not advise specifics but we have no problem directing our subscribers to resources that can assist and this book is one of those resources.

We have reviewed many of Alice and Michele's books and have found each to be very informative and Introduction to Mental Health Billing is no exception.

The book starts off with an overview/introduction of billing and how to incorporate it into mental health services, discussing items such as practice management software and what issues to be aware of when outsourcing billing. Real life experiences are used as examples to learn from.

There are several chapters devoted to the different kinds of insurance coverages (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, etc.) before moving onto topics such as nursing home visits, billing medications, and EAP visits. Another set of topics includes CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes and modifiers with a large amount of information on submitting and tracking claims, and a heavy discussion on insurance payments, submitting secondary and tertiary claims. It goes further to review common denials and appeals and the dreaded area of patient portions.

 Also, as a special bonus, you will receive (at no extra charge) a sample set of completed CMS claims to use as examples.

Alice and Michele started their business in 1994 with no experience and have learned the hard way with all of the idiosyncrasies of mental health billing. With this easy-to-read book, they have provided you, the reader, with the knowledge that you will need to be able to get off to a good start with mental health insurance billing. So if you are considering adding mental health billing to your company's services or are just starting out and this is the field you would like to market your services, then be sure to consider this book as your "go-to" resource.