The ICD-10-CM Transition Planning Guide

Authors: Jerry Bridge, President, Healthcare Collections and Training
Price:  $349.00
Where to buy: or call 760-918-6701

Ok, where is your office in regards to getting prepared October, 1st, 2014? Are you on track, on your way or barely started? Do you have questions? Are you unsure if youve covered everything? The beast that is ICD-10 is out of its cage and bearing down on the healthcare industry and we can either be prepared or not. Its that simple.

From reception to revenue, ICD-10 changes everything, and that is where this transition planning guide comes in. The book is divided into three sections. The first section covers getting started, project planning and practice assessment. The second sections is about trading partners, management and compliance with the third section covering coding basics and practice, insurance appeals and resources. Each chapter is marked with a colored tab for easy reference ad mobility around the book.

The ICD-10-CM Transition Planning Guide is very easy to read and logically laid out. There are many checklists, tables and sample forms that you can use to help you move forward with your practice's goals. Jerry Bridge has succeeded in his goal to bring you the most important facts and information to get you on your way to a successful implementation.

"Thanks for a great seminar; we have already started to use the information in theICD-10 Planning Guide.  You are such a fabulous presenter. I appreciate the way you made it so fun to go over what I would normally consider to be a difficult topic."
Anne Waling, Practice Manager