Principles of Finance for Health Information and Informatics Professionals

Author: Susan White, PhD, CHDA

Today's health information management (HIM) professionals are expected to take a significant role in the analysis of data and integrating it into business decisions. There is a compelling case for business decisions to be grounded in sound financial analysis. This text arms HIM students with the tools to participate actively as professionals within a healthcare entity or consulting practice.

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About the Author

Susan White, PhD, CHDA, is a clinical associate professor in the Health Information Management and Systems Division at The Ohio State University, teaching classes in statistics, data analytics, healthcare finance, and computer applications. Dr. White has written numerous books regarding the benchmarking of healthcare facilities and appropriate use of claims data. She has published articles covering outcomes assessment and risk adjustment using healthcare financial and clinical data analysis, hospital benchmarking, and claims data mining. Prior to joining OSU, Dr. White was the vice president of research and development for Cleverley + Associates and the vice president of data operations for CHIPS/Ingenix. She has 15 years of experience in the practice of healthcare financial and revenue cycle consulting.