ICD-10 Implementation for Physician Practices

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Many providers are operating with blinders on, completely unaware of the magnitude of the conversion and potential train wreck ahead for their reimbursement. Support your physicians through the difficult change ahead by helping them take the right steps forward to make their transition as efficient and painless as possible.

Regardless of the size of the practice, training for any implementation  especially for one as complex and far reaching as ICD-10  can be costly and difficult to deliver. With only a year remaining to complete the transition, providers and their staff must step up to planning, training, software/system upgrades/replacements, as well as other necessary investments. ICD-10 will require a significant education investment in order to ensure accurate coding and minimize productivity loss. While large organizations may have the resources to purchase training materials or send staff to training sessions, smaller organizations may have to depend on special societies or share resources to provide the needed training.

Start the conversation with your physicians now. Help them through the transition with resources designed to get them on board with the transition now. Practice Management Institute® (PMI) is already helping practices adapt to the change with classes especially focused on the transition steps for medical offices, hosted by leading hospitals across the country. PMIs Professional Services Department and Faculty Team is committed to providing the most up-to-date information on implementation guidelines, coding conversion steps and staff training fulfillment.

About PMI
PMI is the nations leading provider of continuing education for medical office professionals, with a broad curriculum of educational workshops that address the office training needs for private practice physicians. Classes are presented in leading hospitals, health care systems, and medical societies. For more than 30 years, physicians have relied on PMI to provide the latest information on managing an efficient and compliant practice. www.pmimd.com