Optum Learning: Understanding Modifiers

It seems that there is a heap of information about modifiers out there and that the topic has been covered to death but it is amazing just how many people still have qualms about using them correctly. As an answer, Optum has developed Understanding Modifiers to those who need clarification of their use.

What I liked most about the book is that the book has been broken down into sections. So, if you're working on anesthesia codes and you have a question about a modifier you can go straight to the section covering anesthesia and know which modifiers are the ones that relate directly to that specialty. Simple!

Other chapters covered are evaluation and management, surgery, radiology, pathology and laboratory, medicine, category II and HCPCS modifiers, ASC and hospital outpatient modifiers. There is also a section on modifiers and compliance and descriptors.

So, if you're struggling with the correct use of modifiers or need a handy reference this is the book for you.