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I would recommend this without reservation to a new coder or student.  Although students should still become familiar with their books and coding conventions for testing purposes, this online product is the first I have seen that so closely mirrors the indexes in books. You can easily narrow your searches by specialty.  From a billing and management perspective, I loved the feature of customizing my own fee tables and the product calculates percentages and patient responsibility. 

This process can take the billing department countless hours at the beginning of every year so any way of saving time is a great plan to me. My favorite feature was the OCR (Code A Note) for extracting diagnosis information from notes and coding it!  If a practice does any MRA / HCC coding, you know what a useful tool this is.  Another set of eyes is priceless; even electronic ones!  You can also customize verbiage used, which is fantastic feature because often the term a provider uses to describe a code is often not what CPT/ICD uses and this can really create havoc for staff.  There can be multiple users per account, a nice feature because they can customize their own notes as well.

This product offers more than any other coding resource I have used.  You can access DRG's, UB-04 codes, dental coding, NCCI edits, and LMRP's. I would recommend this to students, practices, large groups, clinics/hospitals, FQHC's, billing services, schools, and consultants. The pricing is affordable and even offers month to month and annual options which makes it possible for everyone and I believe you will find this to be one of the smartest investments you could make for your career.  With access to Stedman's, Dorlands, CMS instaguide, Anatomy and Physiology for Coders and more, there is not a more affordable resource like this on the market.

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