Price: Plans starting at $299 per month
Where: www.aapc.com/7atlis

Everyone in healthcare needs this product!

7Atlis is an online compliance tool that makes compliance with all regulations for HIPAA, OSHA, fraud/abuse, and more, organized, easy and most importantly, affordable. This product's dashboard develops numerous checklists, reminders, and training resources from AAPC including valuable tests for your employees. Each screen has links to source documentation to justify the recommendations provided. You can customize this product by uploading your facilities' own documents or use the ones available in the product that were developed by healthcare attorneys. It easily stores previous versions of documents and reminds you to review them periodically.

You can track mandatory training progress through reports by employee or group. It even has customized reporting that meets the requirements for FQHC's. They have comprehensive training and support which is extremely important. I have not seen any product like it on the market and remember the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) mandates compliance plans so don't delay. In case of a disaster or incident, you or your team can access your compliance manual anywhere at any time.

In my opinion, this online compliance product is a great resource for consultants, small practices that cannot afford a full-time compliance and HR department, billing services, as well as large facilities with multiple locations/departments, and FQHC's will love this product. Having your own compliance department and HR department available 24/7 in a cloud based product is now simple, easy to use, and affordable.

AAPC has offered BC Advantage readers a substantial discount. When scheduling your demo, remember to provide coupon code BC ADVANTAGE to receive your special pricing through December 31, 2014.

More information can be found on 7Atlis' website at www.aapc.com/7Atlis or www.7Atlis.com and you can speak with a compliance specialist by calling 1-877-835-2842.

This review was completed by Merrilee Severino. If you would like your product reviewed, please email us at editorial@billing-coding.com