Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT® Coding

Author: Sheri Poe Bernard, CCS-P, CPC, COC
Publisher: American Medical Associations
Price: $119.95 (non-AMA members), $89.95 (AMA Members)

An understanding of anatomy and pathophysiology is an essential skill for every coding professional and this book assists in those times when operative reports prove to be more challenging.

Sheri Poe Bernard, CCS-P, CPC, COC, is one of the nation's leading consultants with more than 20 years' experience in coding, reimbursement publishing, training, and test development. She is also an expert communicator of coding concepts, so it's no surprise that she was asked to pen this book.

Put simply, this book was designed to match the CPT codebook, so they are organized in numeric order from code 10021 through 69990. The surgery codes are matched with corresponding illustrations that are incredibly detailed that both new and experienced coders will benefit from. It is important to note that the Atlas should not be used as a primary CPT coding reference as the guidelines, instructions, modifiers, and appendices, etc. are not included.

You must have a basic understanding of the CPT code set to use this book to its maximum advantage, but in the introduction, you can find a brief outline of what to expect. A glossary in Appendix A, a list of surgical acronyms in Appendix B, and a list of procedural eponyms in Appendix C will also assist in those times when even the most basic knowledge escapes you. The color illustrations are wonderfully detailed with explanations that provide a wealth of information for those requiring clarification on many procedures.

Overall, this book provides a wealth of information for a variety of coding skill levels and every office should have a copy to assist those responsible for coding surgical procedures.


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