MIPS score of 3 is enough

Did you know that getting a MIPS score of 3 is enough to avoid a penalty in 2019?

For the 2017 performance year, a clinician under the MIPS path can earn up to 100 MIPS composite score points.

Your MIPS composite score will determine if you will receive a negative payment adjustment, a neutral payment adjustment or a positive payment adjustment.

As you can see from the image above, in order to avoid a penalty in 2019, clinicians will need to earn a minimum of 3 points. This can be met through a minimal level of performance during the transition year.

For example, submitting just one quality measure (even if you have a poor score or did not meet the case requirements) will earn you a minimum of 3 points. Alternatively, you could also report one improvement activity OR the base measures under Advancing Care Information.

Just submitting something in 2017 will earn you the minimum of 3 points needed to avoid a 4 percent penalty in 2019!

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Diana Strubler, Policy and Standards Senior Manager, joined Acumen in 2010 as an EHR trainer then quickly moved into the role of certification and health IT standards subject matter expert. She has successfully led Acumen through three certifications while also guiding our company and customers through the world of Meaningful Use, ICD-10 and PQRS. http://acumenmd.com