BC Advantage reviews: Medical Billing Course.com

BC Advantage interview's 4 students from one of the leading medical billing and coding online courses: Medical Billing Course.com

Here is what they had to say:

Medical Billing Course.com is an excellent introductory course for physician's office billing. In no time you are doing actual billing on real billing software and getting genuine experience in what medical billing is all about.

After you experience billing, Medical Billing Course.com provides excellent instruction in setting up a medical billing office or running your own business, that goes beyond introductory. They provide you all of the resources and materials you will need to be successful in the Medical Billing Field.

I Loved Taking This Course. It was very easy to follow and learning aids all along the way, a very user friendly course. - Celeste


A great course from beginning to end!  Lots of detailed studies, resources, inputs.  Wonderful support from everybody, Tammy Harlan is the best.  I like the PMX3 software, it is easy to use and very productive.  This course put me on the right track to opening my own business.  They provided me not only with the software, but also with technical and marketing support.  Thanks to Duane Johnson, you made it all come together.  - Macia


I enjoyed taking this course, it was easy and simple.  It gave me the complete understanding of the actual day-to-day operations of the medical billing business.  Medical Billing Course.com provided me with the training that I needed to start my own Medical Billing Business.  - Patricia


I wish I had found out about your course earlier.  I had previously taken another online billing course but I didnt sense the genuine concern for their students - success as I sensed while taking your course.  I liked the hands on approach utilized in the course where I had the opportunity to enter practice client and patient information into the Practice Management software and generate claims and reports as I would in a live situation.  I also liked the student support forum where I had the opportunity to find answers to my questions.  I plan on starting a Medical Billing service and feel better after taking your course.  I would highly recommend your course to anyone interested in starting a business or learning about medical billing.  - Gary


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