Connecting billers and coders on a local level

We are a billing company that is not afraid of the competition.  In fact, we actually host a local bi-monthly meeting to connect with other billers and billing companies.  Some of you may have heard our CEO Kathy Young speak on the topic of "Raising the Standards of Medical Billing."

We are also the local headquarters for the Arizona Chapter of the Medical Association of Billers.  When we began our company over two years ago, we had two desires for our company.  The first was to become a premier billing company that would not compromise on compliance and ethical standards while we strive to build a profitable business.  The second desire was to establish a network of billers, coders and billing companies that could meet together to discuss current issues and assist one another in their personal billing concerns.

Meetings are always informative, educational, and useful.  Most recently, we discussed the proper use of modifiers.  With Kathy as the facilitator we had a very lively meeting.  Other topics have been Arizona Medicaid, medical terminology, developing steps in billing for a specialist, problems with certain insurance companies, problems with clearinghouses, plus others. 

We would like to encourage other billers and coders to start, host or join a local group of like-minded folks.  You will find this support group beneficial and well worth the effort.  To host a group, you simply need a place to meet and the desire to reach out to other billers and coders.  If you want to join a group, contact your local medical billing association or one of the national organizations for guidance.  For those in Arizona, call Dan at 480-632-9292, or go to our website,

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