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Thread Topic: Privitazation of Medicare

Topic Originator: Steve
Post Date August 21, 2012 @ 9:13 AM
Privitazation of Medicare Privitazation of Medicare

Privitazation of Medicare

Privitazation of MedicareAugust 21, 2012 @ 9:13 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

The current campaign flood is to take Medicare and place it into the hands of commercial insurance via a voucher system.  We are supposed to feel safe and secure with this because it is supposed to make Medicare better and keep Medicare strong.  Anyone who has been in Medical Billing more than 24 hours knows that this is a recipe for disaster.  Most of the commercial insurance companies are publically traded with stockholders who make money based on profit.  The CEO makes megamillions when they show stockholders a profit.  So, we want to give Billions of our medicare dollars to people whose goal it is to make a profit?  One doesnt need to be a genius or a graduate of the Wharton School of Business to know that you make a profit when you have more income than expenses.  In health insurance, you make a profit when you increase premiums and reduce claims payments.  

We already have commercial insurance involved with Medicare in the form of Part C.  When a Medicare patient joins Part C, their regular Medicare stops.  We all see the questions and concerns when we have a medical biller dealing with a commercial insurance company that doesnt pay the claim correctly, denies claims for frivolous reasons and we are seeing the patient investigating why they now have to pay because their insurance company denied the claim, paid it incorrectly, applied the payment to their coinsurance or deductibles.  

Trying to tell current Medicare patients that their benefits are secure as a means of getting this done is not going to work.  Those who will face Medicare in the future will be affected.  It will be a matter of time before all Medicare will be in the hand of commercial insurance.  Those on Medicare will get a letter to choose a commercial insurance to obtain their medicare care.  

When I see a politician working hard to help commercial insurance, it makes me wonder how many millions are given to the politician in the form of campaign dollars or to the family member as a consultant fee to do this.  Im not advocating who to vote for, all I am saying is look beyond what we are being told.  Are we told the whole story?  Look at your experience with commercial insurance companies as a medical biller.  if you're having problems now, imagin these problems becoming worse when they have their hands on our Medicare dollars.  

Dont fall for the hype, dont fall for the fancy advertisements, dont fall for the blame the other guy to get the spotlight off of me.  
We have a system in place, its not perfect but it works.  We do not need vouchers or privatization of Medicare.  We need to follow the rules, we need to cut back on fraud and abuse.  Medicare has worked for 60 years.  if the commercial insurance companies play their games now, they wont change their spots when given billions in Medicare dollars.  It will be a recipe for disaster and it will be a disaster for you when you are eligible for Medicare.

Privitazation of MedicareAugust 23, 2012 @ 3:24 PM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

With respect, we don't need to rely on gloomy predictions of what happens when Medicare gets cosy with private insurers - we've had the real-world example of Medicare Advantage for years now. Song, Cutler, & Chernow ( recently showed that those plans are 9% cheaper than Medicare for providing the same benefits; they become more expensive, and attract supplemental expenditure from CMS, because they offer benefits Medicare doesn't.

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