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September 1, 2018 @ 8:52 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I am a HIMT student and would like to know your opinion. What medical coding certification is best and will help me advance in my career the quickest once I gain experience?

Alice Franco
July 2, 2020 @ 3:36 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I think you should get an internship in a billing company that is ready to take you, you should work for free during 1-2 months and gain experience . After that, you may stay there if they need you , or try to find another one.

To have a strong practice, you must have a strong foundation. That is exactly what the best medical billing solution provides you with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

* Address compliance issues quickly and effortlessly.
* Drastically reduce the number of denials you see.
* Implement systems that streamline medical billing in its entirety.
* Reduce the expenses associated with the billing for your practice.
* Speed up your reimbursements while reducing the number of outstanding accounts.

Jeri T
July 10, 2020 @ 10:42 AM Reply  |  Email Friend   |  |Print  |  Top

I agree, find a billing company willing to take you on as an intern.  Billing / Coding "schools" do not prepare you for the actual services you will  perform.  They teach you terminology, theory, but once you have received your certification  you still will be lost as to how to begin.  I did medical billing in an office for over 35 years, and when I opened my own billing company I decided it might be good to have a Billing / Coding certificate, but I was suprised at how little they actually taught in the way of real life billing / coding.  My company prefers to hire people without the knowledge because they don't come in with a notion of "how things should be done".  We listen to their suggestions and we believe in "work smarter not harder" so if their ideas are time saving and effiecient we are more than willing to implement.  Good luck to you.  I find medical billing to be very rewarding.

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