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Continuing Education - CEUs

BC Advantage CEU / Webinar Library

BC Advantage is proud to offer CEUs to the following leading associations members - See below for details

Association Name Web site
AAPC www.aapc.com
Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators (AHCAE) www.ahcae.org
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) www.ahima.org
American Institute of Healthcare Compliance www.aihc-assn.org
Association of Registered Healthcare Professionals (ARHCP) www.arhcp.com
American Dental Coders Association (ADCA) www.adcaonline.org
Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) www.hbma.org
Medical Association of Billers (MAB) www.mabillers.com
Med-Certification www.med-certification.com
PMRNC www.billerswebsite.com
QPro www.qpro.com/
Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM) www.pahcom.com
Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA) www.phia.com
Association of Professional Medical Billers & Administrators (APMBA) www.theapmba.com
Practice Management Institute (PMI) www.pmimd.com
Physician Office Managers Association of America (POMAA) www.pomaa.net




AAPC provides certified credentials to medical coders in physician offices, hospital outpatient facilities, ambulatory surgical centers and in payer organizations. CPC®, CPC-H®, CPC-P®, and CIRCC® are the gold standard certification for medical coding. In addition to the base credentials, the AAPC has developed specialty credentials to enable coders to demonstrate superior levels of expertise in their respective specialty disciplines. These 19 specialty credentials are stand-alone certifications with no requirement to hold a base credential. Specialty credentials allow coders to validate their knowledge in a specialty with unique coding, reimbursement and compliance challenges. All 80,000 members of AAPC agree to a Code of Ethics that ensures high levels of professionalism, integrity and ethical behavior.

•  CPC®
•  CPC-H®
•  CPC-P®
•  Interventional Radiology (CIRCC®)
•  Ambulatory Surgical Center (CASCCâ„¢)
•  Anesthesia and Pain Management (CANPCâ„¢)
•  Cardiology (CCCâ„¢)
•  Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (CCVTCâ„¢)
•  Dermatology (CPCDâ„¢)
•  Emergency Department (CEDCâ„¢)
•  Evaluation and Management (CEMCâ„¢)

•  Family Practice (CFPCâ„¢)
•  Gastroenterology (CGICâ„¢)
•  Hematology and Oncology (CHOCâ„¢)
•  General Surgery (CGSCâ„¢)
•  Internal Medicine (CIMCâ„¢)
•  Obstetrics Gynecology (COBGCâ„¢)
•  Orthopaedic Surgery (COSCâ„¢)
•  Otolaryngology (CENTCâ„¢)
•  Pediatrics (CPEDCâ„¢)
•  Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery (CPRCâ„¢)
•  Rheumatology (CRHCâ„¢)
•  Urology (CUCâ„¢)

Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators (AHCAE)

Certification standards have been developed by the Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators and follow the same regulatory information utilized by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Procedural coding guidelines and standards will follow the interpretation of the American Medical Association; American Hospital Association and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services when applicable.

The Intensive Chart Auditing Practicum is designed to give a thorough overview of the auditing process from start to finish with a focus on essential elements necessary for health care auditors to know. The overall course format will assist those wanting to obtain their CHCA (Certified Healthcare Chart Auditor-Professional);  CHCAF (Certified Healthcare Chart Auditor-Facility) and CHCAS (Certified Healthcare Chart Auditor-Surgery) Certifications.

The AHCAE is committed to raising the bar in health care auditing through its national Certification Exams.  The examinations will be proctored by AHCAE staff or a designated member.  Examinees will be tested on key areas of each of the type of auditing exams including;

  • Compliance and Regulatory Guideline Knowledge
  • Scope and Statistical Sampling Methodologies
  • Medical Record Auditing Skills and Abstraction Ability
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Analysis
  • Communication of Results and Findings through Report Preparation


American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
Details coming soon

American Institute of Healthcare Compliance

AIHC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and an internationally recognized leader in healthcare compliance training and certification. Our goal is to improve the competency of medical facility management in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. We seek to promote the increased quality of administrative healthcare systems in the United States by building an international network of credentialed healthcare professionals.

We offer training and certification in areas such as:

  • Healthcare Auditing
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry
  • Corporate Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Cost Reporting
  • Revenue Cycle Management

In addition to training programs with the option to certify, we also offer a number of continuing education courses in compliance, coding, documentation, and HIPAA in the form of short courses and webinars.

Check out our YouTube channel for compliance tip videos.

Visit our website for more information: www.aihc-assn.org


Practice Management Institute®


The Not-So-New Kid on the Block
Practice Management Institute's Certified Medical Coder Credential

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Certified Medical Coders (CMC’s) have mastered the intricacies of both procedural and diagnostic coding systems. A CMC has demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skills in outpatient coding. These professionals know how to make proper code selections based on the highest degree of specificity, and understand implications of under or over-coding. CMC’s have the skills to address complex problem sets and clarify advanced coding issues with physicians and business associates. CMC’s have passed the certification exam, which measures competency in coding case scenarios and completing problem-set exercises. Visit www.pmiMD.com for information on exam and preparatory program.

Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS) is a highly-skilled, physician-based reimbursement professional. Medical office professionals with the CMIS certification have passed a comprehensive exam which measures competency in the areas of coding, billing, and insurance processing for outpatient services. CMIS-certified individuals understand how to reduce errors, file appeals, and submit claims for a wide range of medical situations. Those awarded with the CMIS credential have mastered advanced claims processing and billing skills and can handle timely, accurate claims consistently, which contributes to a higher rate of paid claims for the practice. Visit www.pmiMD.com for information on exam and preparatory program.

Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) is able to initiate policies and protocols that will improve, protect and stabilize the financial security of the practice. CMOM’s help guard the practice against risks, and motivate employees to improve productivity and increase revenue. CMOM’s must demonstrate a high level of financial and personnel management knowledge by passing the certification examination. CMOM credentials indicate familiarity with managed care contracts, compliance issues and exceptional patient service skills. Visit www.pmiMD.com for information on exam and preparatory program.

For more information please visit www.pmiMD.com

Medical Association of Billers


MAB - Certified Medical Billing Specialist™ (CMBS)
The Medical Association of Billers CMBS Program is a challenging series of interesting and practical courses. It is aimed at individuals employed in a provider's office, health insurance company, or an independent billing center. A candidate for certification is an individual who is motivated to improve their medical billing knowledge and develop new skills to assist providers in maximizing their reimbursement through proper coding and documentation. There are three ways to achieve certification: (1) an individual must successfully complete a series of six courses online; (2) attend a PowerWeekend and sit for the two-hour certification exam; or (3) Test-out at a proctor site. Visit www.mabillers.com to review the options.

MAB - Certified Medical Billing Specialist™ Chiropractic Assistants (CMBS-CA)
The Medical Association of Billers Certified Medical Billing Specialist - Chiropractic Assistant (CMBS-CA) Program is a challenging and practical intermediate level billing and coding , six-week online class . Your CMBS-CA certification will give you the proof of competency necessary for State Registration. Certification is awarded upon completion. www.mabillers.com

MAB - Certified Medical Billing Specialist™ for Hospital ( CMBS-H)
This is an intermediate level course. Students must be familiar with ICD, CPT and HCPCS. This is a six-week online course. Certification is awarded upon completion. www.mabillers.com

The Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists

In the healthcare industry, it is essential to have a knowledge of the codes and regulations necessary for properly billing and documenting patient encounters. Ever-changing regulations and code requirements means that those involved in this industry need to stay current with the new trends and challenges. Reimbursement by third-party payers is about more than just sending in a bill. Medical coding and billing certifications through QPro lets employers and other organizations know that you understand these requirements.


Practice Managers Resource & Networking Community

Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist
Certified HIPAA Information Specialist
C.H.R.S, C.H.I.S


Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA)

Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive program
HBMA oversees the Certified Healthcare Billing and Management Executive program, aimed at demonstrating to your peers - and, most of all, your current and prospective clients - that you are dedicated to continuing professional education in this fast-changing, challenging industry. This rigorous program not only enhances the healthcare billing and management industry's image within the wider healthcare community, but it also offers HBMA members an additional way to differentiate themselves from other billers, boosting their edge in this increasingly competitive field.

Association of Registered Healthcare Professionals

ARHCP- Registered Medical Coder (RMC)
RMCs are highly skilled individuals who have been educated through the ARHCP to exhibit expertise in their field, making them ideal candidates for a multitude of positions in a variety of settings. The ARHCP works to ensure that each RMC is provided with knowledge to not only be proficient in, but also master accurately navigating within the ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS II coding manuals. RMCs are proficient in properly applying HCPCS Levels I and II modifiers, comprehending current federal compliance guidelines, and understanding the fundamentals of the Medicare program structure from claim origination to claim reimbursement. A RMC has a good understanding of the E/M elements, and key components necessary for selecting proper levels of service, along with the ability to select appropriate levels of service using provided documentation. Visit www.arhcp.org for information on the exam and the self-directed RMC certification program.

ARHCP- Registered Medical Manager (RMM)
RMMs understand motivational strategies, financial forecasting tools, interpersonal communication skills, and payer analysis formulas. Managers seeking certification as an expert in the field of medical office management will benefit from learning new, as well as current, health care trends. The RMM certification offers its certificants a chance for new opportunities and promotion, not to mention, a higher level of verifiable competency. All RMM students are part of a program that recognizes the need for education and gaining knowledge to manage today’s ever-changing medical practice.

ARHCP- Specialty Self Study Courses
Specialty self-study courses will cover basic and intermediate concepts of CPT, ICD-9-CM and HCPCS II coding guidelines. Each of the courses contain human anatomy and medical terminology related to the specialty being reviewed. Chapter exercises reinforce the lessons so that students can keep track of their own progress. The courses teach the proper way to code an office visit using either 1995 or 1997 exam guidelines. They also include surgical coding guidelines and what is covered in the surgical package. Finally, these courses will explain the proper use of procedural and diagnostic modifiers necessary for proper claims submission.
The ARHCP offers the following specialties: Integumentary, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Cardiovascular (Hemic & Lymphatic), Digestive, Urinary, Male Genital, Female Genital/Maternity, Care & Delivery, Neurology, Eye & Ocular Adnexa, Radiology, Pathology & Laboratory


Professional Healthcare Institute of America™(PHIA)

PHIA is a national organization that provides credentials and curriculum for 6 different medical administrative positions (Physician and Hospital Coding, Audit Specialist, Billing, Compliance Officer, and Office Manager). PHIA currently has Certified Healthcare Professionals in 38 states and in India - and has become the fastest growing, National award winning organization of its kind in the US. Its parent company and continuing education arm, Medical Staff SOS (MS.SOS), provides physician-based services and workshops such as: chart auditing, group seminars and audit compliance assistance to over 3,000 healthcare clients and organizations. Professional Healthcare Institute of America™(PHIA) The coding programs built a reputation for generating highly skilled, effective healthcare professionals. This resulted in growing demand for certification courses in additional areas including billing, compliance and management. Medical Staff SOS continued providing these in-house services and workshops to healthcare organizations, as it developed the Professional Healthcare Institute of America. PHIA was launched in an effort to provide students at all educational levels with a full line of educational courses and certifications. PHIA now offers a wide selection of courses and over four certification programs to hard working, diligent individuals looking to expand their knowledge in the healthcare field. Students are encouraged to take advantage of flexible learning environments through our structured online learning programs. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, PHIA offers a wide selection of online courses, CD presentations, and six certification programs in a flexible and convenient learning environment for those individuals interested in pursuing a career in the administrative healthcare field. Its parent company and continuing education arm, Medical Staff SOS (MS.SOS), provides physician-based services and workshops such as chart auditing, group seminars and audit compliance assistance to healthcare organizations. For more information, contact PHIA/MSSOS at 1-866-473-3036.Medical Staff SOS, Inc. was launched in 1998 to accommodate the need for high quality educational medical coding seminars to healthcare professionals. The industry quickly recognized their excellence and began requesting in office chart auditing and more extensive physician and staff training.


Physician Office Managers Association of America (POMAA)

Certified Practice Manager (CPM) is a professional certification for physician office managers. The CPM certification demonstrates an individual's ability to effectively and efficiently run a medical practice. Obtaining the CPM credential will help physicians feel more at ease having a Certified Practice Manager on their staff. The CPM exam covers topics such as: principles of management, healthcare and employment law, financial management, HIPAA and OSHA compliance, and human resource management. For more information on becoming a Certified Practice Manager visit POMAA at www.pomaa.net.

Human Resource Specialist (CPM-HRS)
Gaining certification as a Human Resource Specialist (HRS) in addition to the Certified Practice Manager certification allows you to take your management skills to another level.  HRS certification highlights your skills in human resource management from job descriptions to corporate culture.  As practice managers a large part of your position is human resource management, which requires people skills and know how.  Show your knowledge in this area of management and become a Certified Practice Manager specializing in Human Resource Management today.  Become a CPM-HRS!


Professional Association of Health Care Office Management ( PAHCOM )

The Certified Medical Manager (CMM) credential is nationally recognized as the symbol of excellence in physician practice management. The CMM credential testifies to a level of experience and the attainment of knowledge in 18 areas of practice. Certification as a medical manager demonstrates to employers, colleagues, patients, and the public a commitment to excellence in this practice area. Certification is an investment in increased professional recognition and credibility, greater impact as a job candidate, and an enhanced sense of personal achievement.

Becoming a Certified Medical Manager means that an individual has:

  • Completed the process of certification, including submitting an application, fulfilling the eligibility requirements, and passing a written examination.
  • Made a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in health care office management through continuing education and association within the practice of health care office management.
  • Pledged to abide by the PAHCOM Code of Ethics.


Association of Professional Medical Billers & Administrators (APMBA)


The APMBA (Association of Professional Medical Billers & Administrators) was created and is administered by Charlene Hargrove, CMBA, CMBA-D. This association's goal is to promote a network of medical administrative professionals in order to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge of the healthcare field. We strive to maintain an association that promotes growth, unity, encouragement and success in this ever changing industry. Our motto is Networking to Success! The APMBA offers several membership packages. Membership includes discounts on our educational resources, workshops & seminars as well as access to our members only forum, mentorship program and much more.

Web: www.theapmba.com




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*Please note, if you are certified with more than one of the following associations you may use your CEU certificate for both or all associations*