Utilization of the 25 Modifier & Drug Administration


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Title: Utilization of the 25 Modifier & Drug Administration

Presenter: Heather Nolting, RN, BSN, CHONC, Consultant, Oncology eConsulting with Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies
Time: 50.05 minutes

Description: Gain a clear understanding of how to properly code infusion encounters and when to correctly utilize the 25-modifier for separately identifiable evaluation and management visits.


•  Understand facility vs. non-facility guidelines.
•  Review the appropriate use of the 25-modifier in the Oncology setting.
•  Discuss the “initial” administration coding concept.
•  Utilize the drug administration hierarchy for CPT® coding.
•  Identify initial, sequential, and concurrent administrations.
•  Learn real-life examples of infusion encounters, including chemotherapy, therapeutic drugs, hydration, and E/M visits.

Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies

Five years ago, we started a journey, merging two industry leaders, Revenue Cycle, Inc. and Coding Strategies into a single integrated company focused on providing unparalleled auditing services, operational support, and coding and compliance resources for medical specialties.

Today, as an integrated company, Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies ® is a trusted partner of private practices, healthcare systems, hospitals, and other industry stakeholders, providing solutions for challenges in all aspects of the charge capture process.

With decades of experience in both clinical and non-clinical arenas, our nationally-recognized consulting team offers expertise in specialty coding/documentation; education and training resources; revenue cycle workflow optimization; and regulatory compliance.

Heather Nolting, RN, BSN is a Consultant for Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies. Having worked in the field of medical oncology for over 15 years, she possesses a strong clinical background in chemotherapy, research, immunotherapy, and infusion billing.

Heather works with a variety of clients and is involved in the real time review of documentation, charge capture, correct coding, and accurate claims submissions. Heather has extensive experience in medical oncology treatment modalities and has interacted various insurance providers to complete prior authorizations and facilitate reimbursement.

Prior to joining RCCS, Heather worked as a registered nurse in medical oncology and clinical research. At a renowned cancer research center, Heather managed daily operations of leukemia and lymphoma research studies and assisted with protocol development, including Investigator-Initiated Phase One Trials. Heather holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Seattle University in Seattle, WA. Heather has held professional certifications as an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), and a Clinical Certified Research Coordinator (CCRC).